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When are Watchkeeper UAV’s flying at Parc Aberporth?

Drones are more likely to crash than normal aircraft and the ones flown from Parc Aberporth are no exception. They are not considered safe enough to routinely share airspace with manned aircraft, so on 28 July 2011, new Danger Areas D202, 202A, 202B, and 202C were activated by NOTAM* (Notice To Airmen) to accommodate flights by Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

These stretch between West Wales/Aberporth aerodrome and the existing Sennybridge Danger Area D203. See attached map – click for larger version.

West wales danger areas

If drones are going to be flying then the airfield or operator has to request that those are activated – so that other aircraft, in theory, know there could be unmanned aircraft about.

So you should go to:

And do a page search (CTRL . F) for “D20” and you will find when they might be flying.

Of course, the weather might mitigate against flying as we have recently discovered

A useful Google Map of the NOTAMS can also be viewed here

Happy drone-spotting!



NOTAMs are issued (and reported) for a number of reasons, such as: