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Walking to Greenham – Ann Pettitt’s book launched

BEPJ supporter Ann Pettitt has published her long-awaited book about her role in the Greenham Common protest.

How the Peace Camp began and the Cold War Ended

by Ann Pettitt

Published by Honno, August 2006, £8.99
For sale now on Amazon

How one woman in Wales directly influenced the end of the Cold War and helped encourage the birth of glasnost – to the extent that she was name-checked by Gorbachev himself.

Walking to Greenham by Ann Pettitt
On 27th August 1981 Ann Pettitt a mother and rural smallholder, along with three other like-minded women, set out from the outskirts of Cardiff to walk the 120 miles to the Greenham Common airbase.

This extraordinary march heralded the beginning of the famous Greenham Common Peace Camp – a protest against NATO’s decision to site cruise missiles at Greenham Common – a remarkable movement that endured for almost 20 years and succeeded in its aim to change the minds of governments, at both a national and international level, and the face of Cold War Britain.

Ann Pettitt’s remarkable memoir, WALKING TO GREENHAM tells the real story behind one of the 20th century’s most iconic expressions of grass roots political will.

In WALKING TO GREENHAM Pettitt exposes the surprising roots of the march on Greenham Common, how the Peace Camp left the marchers behind, and how those first marchers took their cause direct to the Kremlin.

Ann’s moving and fascinating account also incorporates incidents from her mothers’ life in occupied France during World War 2, as an exploration of the moral problems surrounding armed conflict. Her father’s experience as a pre-war Communist introduces the final section of the book, which relates a visit to the USSR by the author and two other women. Dramatic events occur with far-reaching repercussions for East-West relations.

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