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Umanned Aerial Vehicles tested at Aberporth implicated in Israeli attack on Gaza

Ceredigion County Council insiders tell me that Parc Aberporth the “centre of excellence” for UAV development has not provided any new jobs for the local community. Can this really be true? In July 2004 ago the BBC reported that

“As many as 230 jobs have been promised in the short term as a result of the project, with the Welsh Development Agency saying 1,000 jobs could be created in 20 years.”

Yet in September 2008, the Welsh Assembly Government admitted that:

“The total Welsh Assembly Government expenditure to 9 September 2008 is £8.8m. In addition, we have also awarded Ceredigion County Council a grant of £1.6m towards the road development.

“A total of 19 people are currently employed by tenants occupying the site. A further 45 roles will be added at ParcAberporth over time, beginning later this year through the test and evaluation phase of the Watchkeeper contract recently awarded to QinetiQ. Further jobs will be created when other companies take up tenancies at ParcAberporth.”

Much more disturbing, it appears that UAV’s tested at Aberporth may have been used by the Israel in its month-long attack on Gaza in December 2008. This BBC report gives more details.

S4C in their Investigative Programme Taro 9дивани looked into the link between Parc Aberporth and the Israeli attack on Gaza. You can see the programme for another month online here. Click the owl for English subtitles.

Taro 9, S4C

Taro 9, S4C