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UAV testing zone over West Wales given approval by CAA

The Civil Aviation Authority has given it’s long awaited approval for a 500 square mile drone testing zone over West Wales. According to the airport’s managing director, Ray Mann, quoted on the Shepherd Group website..

“The airspace is designated as a danger zone by the CAA, and the discussions behind this new ACP started some three to four years ago . . .

“The airspace will be subject to safety requirements imposed and regulated by the CAA and the Military Aviation Authority, and unmanned flight will only be activated in the new airspace when scheduled.”

The revised airspace will become effective from 28 July 2011. The new Danger Areas will be identified as EG D202 and EG D202A/B/C. Details of the revised airspace is contained in AIC: Y 052/2011, which will be published on 16 June 2011 and will be available at:

Click map for larger version or download a PDF of the map (even larger scale)

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