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Time for an economic boycott and sanctions against Israel.

It’s time. Long past time. The best strategy to end the increasingly bloody occupation is for Israel to become the target of the kind of global movement that put an end to apartheid in South Africa.

Wrote author, economist and activist Naomi Klein in here article in The Nation Magazine last week.

Economic sanctions she says are the most effective tools in the nonviolent arsenal. Surrendering them verges on active complicity. She supports the campaign Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and refutes the top four objections to the BDS strategy, namely

1. Punitive measures will alienate rather than persuade Israelis.
2. Israel is not South Africa.
3. Why single out Israel when the United States, Britain and other Western countries do the same things in Iraq and Afghanistan?
4. Boycotts sever communication; we need more dialogue, not less.

Petition to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement

You can sign a petition at calling on the EU to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement until Israel respects human rights and International Law.

The EU is Israel’s biggest importer of goods, and its second biggest exporter. In 2006 the total traded between the EU and Israel amounted to 23.5 BILLION Euros.

The EU-Israel Association Agreement forms the legal basis for this relationship which gives Israel preferential trade terms with EU countries.

Article 2 of the Agreement states that these relations shall be based on respect for human rights and democratic principles which must guide internal and international policy.

The EU is therefore obligated under this Article to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement whilst Israel is in breach of human rights.

Leading Israeli academic condems Israel’s State Terrorism

In a video interview on Democracy Now, leading academic Prof. Avi Shlaim of  Oxford University has condemned Israels attack on Gaza as state terrorism

My definition of ‘terror’ is the use of violence against civilians for political purposes. And by this definition, Hamas is a terrorist organization. But by the same token, Israel is practising state terror, because it is using violence on a massive scale against Palestinian civilians for political purposes.”

Read Prof Shlaim’s article in the Guardian “How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

As always, mighty Israel claims to be the victim of Palestinian aggression but the sheer asymmetry of power between the two sides leaves little room for doubt as to who is the real victim. This is indeed a conflict between David and Goliath but the Biblical image has been inverted – a small and defenceless Palestinian David faces a heavily armed, merciless and overbearing Israeli Goliath. The resort to brute military force is accompanied, as always, by the shrill rhetoric of victimhood and a farrago of self-pity overlaid with self-righteousness. In Hebrew this is known as the syndrome of bokhim ve-yorim, “crying and shooting”.

List of Israeli Goods

List maintained by


Candies/Nuts Carmit, Elite, Geva, Rimon, Karina, Lieber, Oppenheimer, OSEM, Taste of Israel, Israel Edible Products – Telma
Cheese Kfir Bnei-Brak Dairy Ltd., Tnuva, Central Co-op, MATA, Haolam
Cookies/Health Food Bars Elite, Froumine, OSEM, Israel Edible Products – Telma, Kedem, Afifit Ltd., Magdaniat Hadar Ltd., Tivon
Crackers, Breadcrumbs, Croutons Affifit Ltd., Barth, Elite, Einat, Froumine, Hadar, Israel Edible Products – Telma, Magdaniat Hadar Ltd., OSEM, Taste of Israel
Flavorings and Spices MATA, Deco-Swiss, Israel Dehydration Co. Ltd.
Fresh Fish, Gefilte Fish, Sardines Noon, Yonah, Carmel, Ask retailer/frozen fillets
Fruit (Apricots, citrus salad segments, melons, citrus products, dates, persimmons, tomatoes) Assis Ltd., Carmel Medijuice, NOON, PRI-TAIM, Agrexco USA Ltd., Yakhin, PRI-ZE, FIT (Federation of Israel Canners), Jaffy’s Citrus Products
Horseradish, borsht H&S Private Label
Jams, Preserves, Marmalades, Honey, Syrups, Candied Fruit Assis Ltd., I&B Farm Products, Meshek Industries (Beit Yitshak 778) Ltd., VITA
Juices, Grape-muscal and rose (Menorah & Carmel Brands) Carmel
Matzoh, Matzoh Ball Mix Israel Edible Products Ltd., Telma, AVIV, YEHUDA
Meat Alternatives (Veggie Burgers etc) Veggie Patch line (Stop and Shop, other markets)
Olives Beit Hashita, H&S Private Label, Shan Olives Ltd. (Hazayith)
Onions & Onion Rings Beit Hashita, Carmit, Sunfrost
Pizza & Pasta Products OSEM, Maadanot, Deco
Pizza Sauce Jaffa-Mor, VITA, H&S Private Label, MATA
Puddings OSEM, MATA, Israel Edible Products Ltd. – Telma
Soups, Sauces & Mixes (Instant cubes, gourmet treats, falafel, humus, tehin, soup nuts, & dried soup Israel Edible Products Ltd. – Telma, OSEM, MATA, Gourmet Cuisine
Tea Elzan, Wissotzky
Tomato Products FIT, Medijuice, Pardess, Yakhin, VITA
Turkey Products Hod Lavan, Soglowek, Yarden, Ask retailer/butcher/Deli
Vegetables Yakhin, PRI-TAIM, PRI-ZE Growers/MOPAZ, Sanlakol, Carmelit Portnoy, Tapud, Sun Frost


Beer, Liquors, Wines, Cordials, Brandy Askalon, Latroun, National Brewery Ltd., Carmel, Eliaz Benjamina Ltd., Montfort, Yarden Vineyards, International Distilleries of Israel Ltd. (Sabra), Gamla, Hebroni


Air Purifiers Amcor
Area Rugs Ask Retailer
Art Work, Gift Items, Books, Greeting Cards, Music/ Cassettes, Religious Articles Ask Retailer, Synagogue Gift Shops, Carmel
Bath Salts/Cosmetics Dead Sea Salts
Candles Check label, Ask retailer
Coins/Stamps Ask dealer
Cotton Flannel Sheets Kitan
Fashion Frames (eyewear) Ask your optician/ophthalmologist
Flowers (fresh) Agrexco/Ask Florist
Fur Garments, Fur & Leather Combinations Maquette, Look for ‘MADE IN ISRAEL’ label
Furniture/Kitchen Cabinets Ask Retailer
Infant’s & Children’s Wear Sarah’s Prints, Look for ‘MADE IN ISRAEL’ label
Insect Killers Amcor
Jewelry Ask Retailer
Ladies’ & Children’s Knitwear Look for ‘MADE IN ISRAEL’ label
Ladies’ Lingerie & Underwear Bordeaux USA, Look for ‘MADE IN ISRAEL’ label
Ladies’ Swimwear & Beachwear Gottex, Gideon Oberson, Look for ‘MADE IN ISRAEL’ label
Men’s and Ladies’ Sportswear, Ladies’ suits, Sweaters, Jeans, Tennis wear, Sandals Ask Retailer; Gottex, Gideon Oberson, Calvin Klein (some garments are made in Israel)
Pantyhose Sabra, El Al
Razor Blades Check label
Soaps Neca
Telephone Systems Telrod, Tadiran
Tires Alliance
Toys & Games Look for ‘MADE IN ISRAEL’ label
Women’s Electric Shaver Epilady/Mepro
Yarns Ask Retailer

High Tech

(HF) Radio control for metering function, irrigation products of water level and fertilizer, energy Motorola
32-bit neural network Omnifront and trainable OCR software for Windows and Macintosh Ligature Ltd.
Air compressors Oholiab
Air purifiers, air conditioners, plumbing products Amcor
Aircraft (Fixed wing) and helicopter structural components, overhaul and repair, airframe composites Cyclone Aviation Ltd./Carcom
Aircraft electronic systems: tank free fire control, control & communications network; electronic wa Elbit
Aircraft instruments, electronic displays, navigation systems, electronic equipment & controls; weap Astronautics
Aircraft machining, aerospace parts & equipment, aircraft avionics, defense equipment IAI
All types abrasives: Vitried, Reinoid, Rubber, Diamond, CBN Fiberdiscs & Semiflex Camel
Aluminum die cast and extrusion products Alum Aluminum Products
Aluminum extrusions for building and architectural specialties Klil Industries Ltd.
Aluminum quick coupling, die aluminum Omen
Antenna positioners, selectors and control systems, interphone system displays, military power suppl Orbit
APT user – information retrieval tool and report writer that runs on Digital’s VMS, Ultrix and Alpha ISG
Autoclaves, sterilizers, incubators Tuttnauer
Automated Operation Software 4th Dimension Software Ltd.
Automatic self-cleaning water filters Filtomat-Filtration
Automatic test equipment, avionics, airborne new computers, Mil-spec computers and peripheral boards Rada
Automotive cooling system products Fishman Eng.
Automotive radiators Superad
Battery operated controls for agriculture Galcon
Battery testers QPS
Blind rivets: aluminum/steel Ornit
Broadband Data Communication Phasecom
Bromide Salt Brime Dead Sea
Bullet resistant glass Oran – I.D.I.
Burglar alarm systems and components; passive infrared detectors, energy management systems Visonic
Business telecommunication (PABX) Tadiran Telecommunications Division
Carbide Rout-a-burrs Shaviv
Carbide tipped circular sawblades and router bits Dimar
Coated and uncoated indexible carbide inserts, toolholders, boring bars, threading systems, small sh Iscar
Communication shelters Ramim Eng.
Complete programming development environment for relational database management systems (RDMS) Magic Software
Comprehensive, high speed computer networks; intelligent wiring hubs, fiber optic LANS, Network Mana Fibronics
CompuPhone (combines a PC keyboard for automatic dialing) Integrated Technology
Computer aided manufacturing systems for printed circuit boards, computer for graphic design Scitex
Computer hardware/software systems Shaked
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) systems for the production of printed circuit boards. Autom Orbotech
Computerized Irrigation controllers Gal
Consulting in targeted security ICTS
Containers, trailers and suspension and metal parts Netzer Sereni
Control valves for municipal, irrigation and fire protection water systems Bermad
Conveyor & power transmission, accessories and hardware tools Volta
Cotton picker parts; items for cultivation Beit Hashita
Crystals: crystal filters, hybrid crystal clock oscillators, temperature compensated crystal oscilla Time & Frequency
Custom hybrids, RF identification technology, electronic assembly and testing services Tactel Ltd.
Cutting tools Hanita
Data collection systems, software systems and telex interfaces Sintel
Data communications equipment for IBM Mainframe users Ramir (Adacom)
Data communications products: modems, multiplexers, rate and interface converters, data compressors, Rad
Deburring tools and blades Noga Eng.
Desalination equipment Israel Desalination
Diamond sawblades for stone and concrete awing; laser welded sawblades for masonry and drycutting ap Toolgal
Digital and electronic business telephone systems, voice mail/automatic attendant equipment and ISDN Telrad
Digital circuit multiplication equipment, ISF capatible technologies, military systems (improve comm ECI
Digital image processing systems; cardiac diagnostic devices Fidelity Medical (Israel) Ltd.
Digital video cameras focused on medical and industrial applications I Sight Ltd.
Disposable plastic products for laboratory use Miniplast
Disposable saliva ejectors; PVC compounds and reinforced hoses Terraflex
Dolphin swimming pool cleaner Maytronics
Door and car meters combining a specialized combination of multi-colored fabrics and plastic Lotemplast
Door locks and high security locks (cylinders) S.E. Yardeni Ltd.
Drug and explosive detection kits Erez Forensic Technology Ltd.
Educational computer systems & mobile training units Degem
Educational training and entertainment multimedia systems; interactive multimedia courseware (biolog Eduself
Electrical enclosures and distribution boxes, food trays and evaporative cooling systems. Inbar
Electrical suppliers and testers Pama
Electro optics design, video and telecommunications security equipment, UPS, LVS and ZTS Power Syste Moked
Electro-mechanical products for aerospace & electronic industries Deutsch Dagan
Electro-polishing equipment Limat
Electrocardiograph Equipment Aerotel
Electronic imaging, with special emphasis on document imaging, vision and pattern recognition TIS Top Image Systems Ltd.
Electronic power supplies Lambda Electronics
Electronic taximeters Middle East Electronics
Engine bearings King Engine Bearings
Environmental control systems for aircraft, heat exchangers, valves and fuel system equipment for ai TAT
Extruded rubber hoses & profiles (low/high pressure) Ein Shemer
Fax and mail system/PC fax machine Albatross
Ferrous investment castings for dense aerospace, medical and commercial industries U.P.C. Precision
Fertilizer pumps T.M.B. Fertilizer Pumps
Filters & Automotive Components A.L Filters
Filters, separators, screen filters, media filters, spin filters self-cleaning, soliquators, reclama Odis
Finned coils Lordan
Fire control equipment; communication detection: coherent radiation equipment; military test equipme Elta
Fire control systems, laser systems, night vision systems, thermal imaging, image processing Elop
Fire detection and suppression systems, S.A.F.E. System, Sea S.A.F.E. System, Safeye Gas & Vapor Det Spectronics
Fire fighting equipment Matar
Fluorescent light boards for advertising Linero Light Systems
Forgings for aerospace, pipe fittings for jet engines & aircraft Carmel Forge
Gear & Transmission system, machined parts & assembly for aircraft & auto industries. Fabrication & Ashot-Ashkelon
Geothermal development Ormat
H.D.P.E. mono-orientated, twist wrap candy industry convertors Polysack
Hand tools Tabor
Hand tools, punches, pipe cutters, wheels Tovay
Hearing aids/speech training systems AVR Communications Ltd.
Hi-tech defense products, missiles, missle components, thermal imaging systems (flirs), electronics, Rafael
High precision aluminum die-casting Tadir-Gan
High precision military spare parts M.K. Technologies
High precision operated chucks Amcoram, Amcor
High precision sawing systems for semiconductor wafers and hard material, die bonding machines, wire Kulicke & Soffa (Israel) Ltd.
High pressure application, digital signal processing, programmable array, logic devices and CMOS pro Zoran
High pressure laminates Etz Lavud Ltd.
High pressure steel and textile braided rubber hoses for general industrial use, agriculture and aut Hamaslul Ind.
High speed plotter/duplicator Indigo
High-performance computer systems (commercial, government and defense communications); multimedia me Efrat
Industrial Ball valves and pneumatic actuators Habonim
Industrial robots Oshap
Industrial tools, fasteners, packaging, building products SPC
Industrial Valves Dorot Foundry
Infrared radiometer & spectro-radiometer systems; black-bodied calibration sources, modulators, coli C.I. Systems
Instant water heaters Atmor
Investment castings, machining, metal products IMI
Irrigation equipment Netaflm
Irrigation fittings, couplings Ravit
Irrigation sprinklers, filters, drippers Ein Tal
Lamination, flexible packaging CLP/GAI
Lithotripter for crushing kidney stones without surgery Direx
Low volume irrigation products Plastro Gvat
Lympha Press – a sequential pneumatic compression device for the treatment of lymphedema Mego Afek
Manufacturer of unique, single-operator, hydraulic, forced-entry and rescue apparatus (designed acco Hydro-Noa
Marketing of Kibbutz Industries Kibbutz Industries
Material for rethreading tires Soolit
Material handling and storage equipment, rack and beam systems for construction and office furniture Mesco
Measuring and automatic test equipment Tabor
Medical & industrial recording paper Dykam/Inbar
Medical diagnostic imaging systems Elscint
Medical Diagnostic products Eldan Technologies
Metal Injection Molding (MIM). Fabricates intricate, small metal compoonents by injection molding Metalor
Microfiche viewers Microvue
Microprocessors & peripherals Intel
Microwave components Elisra
Microwave components & systems (microwave attenuators, phase shifters, frequency translators, bi-pha General Microwave
Military gyroscopes & navigation systems Condor
Military power supplies Telkoor
Minisprinklers, midisprinklers, sprinklers low volume Ein-Dor
Modular laser system for machine tooling and metal working applications Robomatix
Mortars, Howitzers, mortars ammunition, hydraulic cylinders, sprocket wheels, pneumatic cylinders an Soltam Ltd.
NES Rethreading Tool Shiloh Technologies
Network controllers, workstations and printers for use with IBM 3270 mainframe and IBM AS/400 SYS/3X IIS (Intelligent Information Systems)
Non-ferrous investment castings for aerospace, electro optics and electronics industries Cabiran
North American HQ, marketing and services of high tech; holding company: Elbit, Elscint, Fibronics, Elron
Oils and lubricants, antitrust compounds, greases & chemicals Delek
Patient monitoring equipment Mennen
Phoneline video transmission system for security purposes TeleSite
Photo chemical machining Suron
Physiological monitoring products SRD Shorashim
Plastic laminates; “Panelyte” Sefen
Plastic molding Netzer Integrated Technologies
Plastic products, injection molded Dolav
Plastic water valves, LPG gas valves Kal-Yam
Polycrystalline diamond tipped tools for wood-working, plastic and metal industries Telcon
Portal plasma cutter Barorianne Ltd.
Position and velocity transducers, differential-gage absolute pressure transducers and supporting el Tedea
Poultry Drinking equipment Plasson
Power distribution switch and control sys., coils, solenoid, coil winding equipment hydraulic Baccara
Power impact sockets Ozat
Power ladders, hedging, toppiong and skirting equipment for trees Orchard Mechanization
Precision holding tools, cutting tools and chucks ETM
Precision machined parts Deutsch Dagan
Precision transducers and transducer-based measurement Instrument & Control
Prime time and attendance, job costing software Lavie
Printed circuit boards P.C.B. Ltd.
Q.C. equipment for food and automotive industries, coating thickness analyzers Indel Ltd.
Quartz agglomerate tile and panels Caesar Stone
Quick-couplings for petroleum and chemical industries Omen
Representative office of Koor Industries in the USA (United Steel Mills, Halum, Ma’as, Soltam, Carme Koor
Residential, commercial and industrial gas detectors Pama
Resistors, trimming poteniometers Vishay
Robots, vision systems, FMS cells, CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing); for educational and lig Eshed
Rubber Picking fingers Durham
Safes and volt doors ISM
Sanitary fittings and valved Egmo
Satellite earth stations (VSATs) for data networks. CATV network mapping Gilat
Security and anti-virus system Eliashim Micro Computers
Security systems Magal Security Systems Ltd.
Sheet metal machining, assembly and harnesses IMCO
Software CAD/CAM for mechanical application Cimatron
Software, software processing products Four M
Solid tires for fork lifts and industrial equipment Mega-T
Sprayers Degania
Sprinklers Dan Sprinklers
Sprinklers Lego
Sprinklers Naan
Stainless steel cookware Soltam Ltd.
State-of-the-art optical components and thin film coating for laser industrial and defense applicati Ophir
Steel castings, precision castings, couplings/fittings, hose & tubes, spare parts & special defense Vulcan
Steel castings, precision castings, couplings/fittings, hose & tubes, spare parts and special defens Urdan
Steel doors, security locks, cyclinders and accessories Mul-T-Lock Ltd.
Strain gauge type load cell for the electronic washing systems and force transducers Tedea
Systems, military radio communications Tadiran
Tabs-Based Call Accounting software; PCPHONE – desk top talking dialer; OCTOPUS – DATA PABX, SAFE PL MER Communication
Tear gas products and tear gas ejector system; fiber optics security systems Ispra
Technical publications to US and other military industrial standards; production of video films for Technical Writing
TENS Pain Reliever Agar
Tensimeters Mottes
Textile process controls for wet finishing & dyeing Arel
Threading tools, carbide inserts for threading, deburring tools Vargus
Tires for Vehicles Alliance Tires
Transformers Oram
Transformers, design and mfg of electro-magnetic components Ram
Transtelephonic heart monitoring systems Card Guard
Trapper Person Locator; Civil defense search and rescue equipment; hand-held metal detectors Elpam Electronics Ltd.
Trimming microwave porcelain Microelectronics
Vehicle tracking and navigation systems, automatic vehicle location systems (AVLS), moving map syste XI
Verterac-ambulatory lumbar traction device Meditrac
Vinyl coated nylon tarp; roofing awnings, air structure, green housing Erez
Water filters Arkal
Water filtration system and chemical injection Amiad
Water meters Arad Dalia
Welding cables Dash
Welding electrodes, cables, accessories & equipment; grinding wheels Zika
Wheelchair lifters for cars Gottlieb
X20-Lasers, Opthalic lasers Laser Industries
Zinc & magnesium die castings Ortal
Zinc plated steel and stainless steel casters Galilee Casters & Wheels