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The myth of jobs at Parc Aberporth

A letter to local newspapers from Dafydd Ladd

Can we dispel the myth of jobs to come at the so-called Aberporth UAV development. The official application for the European Funding never claimed to create any jobs. The project was designed to “accommodate jobs” – in Eurospeak that means creating a space for a job. It does not specify where people for the jobs need to come from.

Successive town and county councillors, as well as A.Ms and M.P.s have trance like repeated the mantra of jobs for locals without having done any research such as reading a document. Despite all the evidence to the contrary they continue with the myth if only because they do not have the courage to admit they got it wrong from the beginning.

So here we are in our fourth year of empty buildings, an extended airport with no planes, two roundabouts for a non-existent workforce and local RAE workers being made redundant – where else would that be hailed as a success? Could it just be that the whole project was designed from the beginning to give an overland flight path to the weapons testing area near Sennybridge – something which no sane country would countenance due to the high failure rate of UAVs?

Parc Aberporth - no business - as usual

Parc Aberporth – no business – as usual