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Support Bradley Manning

A young ex Pembrokeshire man is in prison in US, he has been in solitary confinement for 10 months.

Bradley Manning went to school in Tasker Milward, his mum, aunts and uncles live in Pembrokeshire. His teachers remember his integrity and intelligence.

He has been described as the bravest man of our time, he is accused of releasing information to Wikileaks of abuse and corruption by army and governments from the US army files where he worked in intelligence. His punishment is physical and mental abuse and the threat of life imprisonment.

Bradley Manning

Here are a few of the links, including an excellent film of an interview with David House who is his only visitor apart from his lawyer.

Since these were written things seem to be getting worse as the Independant Newspaper reported recently that they have taken his boxers away at night so he has to be naked.

The US army are embarrassed and angry, partly because this has shown up how lax their security is that a 22 year-old could access it all and simply download it onto his ipad or memory stick.

Bradley should be rewarded for bringing these government and military abuses of power to the public’s attention. Instead he is receiving torture which could¬† damage his mind permanently. The US government want to make his treatment punitive to discourage any other whistle blowers. If they can get their hands on Julian Assange of Wikileaks, he will receive the same treatment.

Can we make such a fuss that the US is challenged for this treatment?

If you want to discuss this further or have campaigning ideas, please contact Vicky Moller – 01239 820971