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Selex may move from Parc Aberporth

Selex Galileo, the Italian arms manufacturer may move operations from Parc Aberporth.

Flight Global, the aviation website reported yesterday 2nd February 2010 (Half way down the page).


The unmanned air vehicles centre at Parc Aberporth airport in west Wales could lose its sole tenant if Selex Galileo opts to move its operations to another location in Europe. The company has completed full envelope testing for its Falco unmanned air vehicle at Parc Aberporth and is re-evaluating its use of the facility.

Maybe Selex Gailieo had decided that the risk of one of it’s planes dropping out of the sky onto a west Wales town (remember 2 crash landed in 2009) is just too high. It would be a PR disaster for the company which would be forever linked with UAV unreliability.

Watch out for financial inducements from the Welsh Assembly Government desperate to save face. How big will WAGs sweeteners to Selex need to be to keep them at Parc Aberporth? One million, two million? No rent for a year and free pasta?