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What is an RSS Feed?

RSS files (stands for “Really Simple Syndication”) contain short descriptions of a list of things: diary entries, speeches, etc. and are formatted to be readable by computer programs which link to the full version of the content on a website. This information is delivered as a file called an RSS feed, RSS stream, or RSS channel. An orange rectangle with the letters XML or RSS is often used as a link to a site’s RSS feed.

You can use a program called a news reader to store the locations of RSS feeds, and each time one is updated – with new diary entries or speeches – you can easily see what’s new. It saves you visiting web pages on the off-chance anything new has appeared. Popular RSS readers are Sharpreader or RSS Bandit (both free) for Windows or NetNewsWire Lite for Macs. Bloglines is an online RSS reader. One with some more features costing about £20 is FeedDemon.