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PICAT (Public Interest Campaign against Trident) in Wales

Below is a PICAT letter to the Secretary of State for Defence (“SSD”) which I’d like to use to launch the West Wales element of the PICAT campaign in the very near future.

This letter represents the first stage in the Campaign program, which in due course is followed by our arranging to “lay an information” before a magistrates court (provisionally I’m planning on Easter/April time) – and the one I’m proposing being the magistrates’ court at the Guildhall, Carmarthen.

Naturally, of course, signing the attached letter to the SSD, does not commit you in any way to having to be part of the criminal ‘information laying’ event before the magistrates court, but I do hope that many of you will agree to participate in the whole campaign – as inevitably the more people we can sign up the more we can speak as a significant representative body of opinion in this part of the country

I have now been able to determine that as long as you send me by return email, a statement of your willingness to be involved, together with your full name and address, that is sufficient for me to add you to the list of signatories that will then go at the bottom of the email letter – it does not need to be signed by hand I.e. in manuscript.
Hoping this finds you well and looking forward to your reply,

Yours in peace,

Robbie Manson

West Wales group letter to SSD

Doc 1A – Trident Weapons Declaration included with the Letter to Secretary