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Photos from Gaza and other BEPJ News

These very graphic and disturbing pictures are from Journalists working in Gaza and published on the Rafah Today website.

The song of hope for the Palestinians in Gaza behind the video below is composed and performed by Michael Heart

The song MP3 is available for download at:

When the World Said No to War


When The World Said No To War is a photographic exhibition and peace education forum inspired by the 35 million people who took to the streets in Febuary 2003 to protest the impending war in Iraq.

The aim of the project is to highlight the significance of the largest peace demonstrations in history and to contribute to the ongoing call for peace.

The photographs were first exhibited in Sydney in 2005 and are being shown again now, 5 years after the start of the Iraq war, as part of a suite of programming related to the exhibition The 1970s: a decade of protest – photography by Roger Scott at the Museum of Sydney.