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NATO Summit Wales Action

Here are the activities taking place in 30th Aug – 5th September 2014 in response to the NATO Summit being held in Newport, Wales. Updates can be found here on the Stop the War Coalition website.

On Saturday August 30th, BEPJ members will be attending a non-religious non-partisan vigil for peace from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Guild Hall steps Cardigan in support of the opposition to this NATO summit.

On Sunday August 31st we will also be attending the Counter Summit in Cardiff. Travelling by train from Carmarthen at 10.30am. Anyone needing a lift to Carmarthen or travelling with empty seats please email with details.


Guildhall Cardigan

The Cardigan event is organised by Bob Doyle, 25 St. Mary St. Cardigan,
SA43 1DH. Tel: 01239 614659.

NATO Events Timetable


Celtic Manor Resort

Saturday 30 August: Mass demonstration

March through central Newport. Assembles 1pm at the Civic Centre Car Park and marches around the town centre ending at Westgate Square for a rally.

Sunday 31 August: Counter Summit in Cardiff

County Hall, CF10 4UW. Speakers include: Boris Kagarlitsky Russia • Joseph Gerson USA • Medea Benjamin Code Pink USA • Margaretta D’Arcy Ireland • Jeremy Corbyn MP • Lindsey German Stop the War Coalition.

Monday 1 September: Newport Alternative Summit

Pill Mill 10.00 – 5pm.
Topics: Drones • Women and War • Iraq • Afghanistan • Ukraine • Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty

Tuesday 2 September and Wednesday 3 September

Various local events

Thursday 4 September: First day of NATO Summit

Mass Action and March on the Celtic Manor
Gather at 12 Noon • Cenotaph • Clarence Place • Newport NP11 6DG

Friday 5 September

Final day of Summit. Direct Actions. Street Theatre.