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American Icons take on Bush over the Iraq War

Norman Mailer and Neil Young

Norman Mailer the renowned American author and the singer Neil Young have added their names to the array of Americans to condemn the American Invasion of Iraq.

Mailer in his book “Why Are we at War“ argues that the origins of the war in Iraq lie more in the ambitions of President Bush than in fear of terrorism or disaster or for the Iraqi government’s human rights record.

The book is available on Amazon here

Norman Mailer read a summary of his book on the Radio 4 “Today” Programme on Monday May 1st. It can be heard online on the BBC website

More about Norman Mailer is available on Wikipedia

Neil Young in his album “Living with War“ to be released on May 6th 2006 Attacks the war though songs such as Flags of Freedom” and “Let’s Impeach the President”. The album can be heard online now on the Neil Young website.