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Has Robo Wars reality finally reached the BBC?

Stephen Sackur’s “Robo Wars” Radio 4 programme this week is a useful insight into the process of fighting wars with UAV’s. What a pity they didn’t stop in Wales when they travelled west to Creech Air Force Base in the USA, to find out how the fantasy of computer game style remote killing missions is about to be visited upon 50,000 people who live here. Not literally of course, but they will become the unwitting pawns in the MOD’s simulation testing of the Watchkeeper UAV programme.

People going about their daily lives will be observed and filmed by UAV’s flying above the clouds. They will become actors in the new “West Wales Theatre” (of war of course) to be recorded, analysed by computers and neutralised by trainee “pilots” sitting perhaps thousands of miles away. Welcome to Wales. Welcome to the UAV Zone!

While the elected members of the Welsh Assembly slept on the job, this plan for a West Wales Wargame Wonderland has taken shape, culminating in last years “public (con)sultation” which pedalled the notion of a civilian UAV testing zone and the promise of “high quality” jobs.

Click the link below to listen to the programme.

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