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Gaza Under Seige – why are our leaders silent?

Israel is punishing all the civilians of Gaza for the actions of a few extremists. Bridges, power stations and infrastructure have been destroyed and dozens of civians killed in their homes.

Here is an extract from the Rafah Today website dated 7th July 2006 :

“Twenty-eight Palestinians were killed in the last 24 hours here, the horrible shelling is still going on, there is no food, no water, no electricity. No water for people to drink, the attack is getting worse, civilians are targeted everywhere by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Heavy shelling is going on right now, My laptop battery is dying, more news coming later.”

“Hundreds arrived the hospital after being injured, the hospitals have no room for those who were killed. Bodies are thrown out in the streets. Israeli Occupation Forces re-occupy the former Jewish settlements and so far, a large number of tanks and bulldozers are attacking other new areas here. All of northern Gaza is under siege, People are appealing to all human beings around the world to stop these attacks and to protect civilians from the Israeli US made F16 helicopters, tanks and bulldozers.”

A Palestinian boy injured while inside his house in Gaza.

Please write to Tony Blair and ask him to condemn the invasion of Gaza. Also write to your own MP to express your opinion and ask for the issue to be raised in Parliament.