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Drones disconnect us from the violence of war

 UAS flight hours
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The increased use of drones (nonpiloted airplanes) to bomb and gun down Afghan fighters, as well as being used in Iraq and Pakistan, is a disturbing trend in the ongoing violence being waged by American troops on the orders of our current government.

The trigger is pulled from thousands of miles away on U.S. soil. There is no connection with the victims, enemy combatants or innocent civilians.

This distance is further insulation from the realities of the consequences of the violence being waged. Robotic warriors are in the works, no doubt. Then we can kill with no direct blood on our hands.

What will end this insane cycle of ever-escalating warfare? No other animal species kills its own like human beings.

Rodger Routh
DesMoines Register
July 20, 2009

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