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Drape the Drones

drape-the-dronesDownload your drape the drones poster here

Between now and September 21st we need you to help knit, crochet, weave or felt a rainbow peace scarf which will stretch from the main road up to and around the roundabout by the MOD in Aberporth. About 2 miles of scarf will do the job!

Aberporth MOD is a site where drones are tested. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are used in warfare and surveillance/intimidation. The UK government is deciding whether to renew the contract for Trident in 2016. How do you feel about your taxes being spent on weapons of mass destruction? Do you think our money could be put to better use?

Pick up your needles and create a colourful protest!

This is a Welsh initiative following on from Wool against Weapons event in England. They have a brilliant website you can browse.

Pieces need to be 1m long by 60cm wide. This is roughly 80 stitches on 7mm needles with thickish wool (you can tell I’m a very amateur knitter; I’m sure someone out there will work out more exact instructions.) All colours of the rainbow are welcome, but it would be great if there was plenty of Welsh red, green and white combinations, and if any super- knits can attempt dragons or daffodils it would be bendigedig !

Contact me (Kate) on