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Sign the petition

They have very quickly collected almost 30,000 signatures and the support of numerous organizations.

We will soon announce an event at the White House. Cindy Sheehan and representatives of all the supporting organizations will deliver the petition to the President, along with every signature and comment you’ve added. You will all be invited to join us!

BUT FIRST… we need to collect a lot more signatures. If you each find one more person, we’ll double our count. If you find two or 10, our numbers will shoot through the roof.

Please print out this flyer and post it, pass it out, put it in the mail, tack it up on bulletin boards:

Please send the following note to everyone you know:

“Bush and Cheney are seriously considering attacking Iran, and are threatening to use nuclear bombs. Please join me in helping to prevent this by taking 60 seconds to sign a petition at