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Brunswick, Maine struggles against drone test zone

Across the Atlantic on the east coast of the USA another community is fighting the creation of a drone test zone in the skies above them. This public meeting with citizens able to speak in an open forum contrasts markedly with the low key “drop-in” consultations carried out in West Wales, where people were invited to attend a series of 5 hour long exhibitions in various local towns. This prevented any public group gathering of opponents to the UAV plan. When a group meeting was arranged between supporters of BEPJ, Amnesty International and a representative of the Welsh Assembly Government, WAG stipulated that everyone attending should provide their name and that no reporters were allowed to be present. When BEPJ supporters refused these conditions they were banned from attending. Welcome to Welsh-style open government!

In Maine the issues are the same as in West Wales – safety, jobs (or lack of them), invasion of privacy, noise and most importantly, the death toll from UAVs with 50 civilian lives lost for every combatant killed. In short, what’s in it for anyone other than the military industrial complex which needs a test zone with real human activity to rehearse its deadly attacks and spying activity. Here are some extracts from the Brunswick hearing.

Brunswick, Maine, USA

Brunswick, Maine, USA