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BDS Action Day March 30th

The BDS Movement is holding an Action Day on March 30th 2009.


Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is fast emerging as the required strategy to stop Israel’s apartheid policies against the Palestinian people. After decades of forced dispossession, occupation and injustice, BDS is the civil-society initiated answer to the failure of governments to hold Israel accountable for its action. The non-implementation of Palestinian national rights as recognized by countless UN resolutions and human rights conventions necessitates that a proactive approach be taken to stop the machinery which sustains and facilitates Israel’s actions politically, militarily, and economically. The basis for this campaign is the Unified Palestinian Civil Society Call for BDS (9 July 2005).

March 30th is known as Land Day to Palestinians. The date refers to the bloody killings on the same day in 1976, when the Israeli government issued land confiscation orders for property belonging to Palestinian citizens of Israel. When the community organized a general strike to protest yet another confiscation of their land, armed forces were sent in to the striking villages killing 6, injuring 96 and arresting more than 300 protesters.

For details of the action day, see the BDS Movement website. You can download a PDF giving more details here.