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Unmasked – The Douglas Alexander Technique

New Labour Cabinet Minister Douglas Alexander defends the Government against New Labour peer Lord Ahmed and a group of Britain’s most prominent muslims who have placed a full page advertisement in the papers this morning accusing the Government of putting the country at greater risk from terrorism by its foreign policy.

Douglas Alexander, Lord Ahmed and John Humphrys

Lord Ahmed points to the double standards applied to the lives of civilians in the west and those in the Middle East and how this is fuelling the extremists in the UK.

This issue unfortunatly is never addressed directly in the interview, but Alexander’s desperation to move the discussion away from difficult areas is obvious. It makes for interesting listening as an insight into a Goverment “in denial” about it’s own bad descisions and the cost now being paid by Muslim countries in civilian lives.

Download an MP3 of the interview (3.5Mb).

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Douglas Alexander Interview