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Adam Price starts the political debate on UAVs

Adam Price MP

Adam Price MP

After months of hoping that local politicians might start to ask searching questions about the real benefit to West Wales of an overland zone to test Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Adam Price has started the debate on his blog.

The mantra repeated by every politician so far has been “we need high tech jobs” but none of them has been willing to say how many jobs they are expecting, or how many would justify the £10m investment and associated danger, noise and invasion of privacy that UAV test flights will bring to West Wales.

Everyone with any real knowledge of Parc Aberporth is saying that it simply won’t create jobs. Outside contractors will bring their planes to Aberporth, fly them and then buzz off again with no benefit to the local community. There will be no return to the “good old days” when dozens of apprentices were trained in a vibrant engineering facility.

Maybe Adam’s contribution will prime a long overdue political debate on this issue, based on principles and facts rather than Welsh Assembly Government wishful thinking.