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A New Year brings new opportunities

Just when everything had gone eerily quiet on the Parc Aberporth UAV front, waiting for the Civil Aviation Authority to formally allow (as it surely will) a UAV testing zone to be created over west Wales, Parc Aberporth has given us the first event of our anti-military UAV calendar.

The “Pause 11” Unmanned systems exhibition and demonstrations will be held on Wed 6th and Thurs 7th July 2011 at West Wales Airport Ceredigion.

It’s unclear from the Pause 11 website how many of the sponsors and exhibitors might be military in nature, so any response BEPJ or any other organisation might want to make will be contingent on how that develops. Watch this space and post any information you might like to contribute to the BEPJ website.

In late 2010, Jill Gough represented CND and Jeremy Clulow represented BEPJ at a “Drone Wars” conference in London. Jill’s exhibition and our presentation was received very positively and I think we put West Wales firmly in the consciousness of the anti-military UAV groups attending. Any local action in the future will hopefully be able to draw on some degree of national support.

The frame below shows the live UAV site. The “Pause”Event page no longer exists, but the main site with it’s gross exaggerations does. To visit it click here.